Camilla Danielski, PhD

Post-doctoral researcher, IAA-CSIC

About me

I am an Italian and Brazilian astrophysicist currently working at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (Granada, Spain).

I am primarily interested in the characterisation of giant exoplanets, from their formation till the last moments of their planetary system life.

My Research interests

Image credit: NRC-HIA / C. Marois / W. M. Keck Observatory.

Directly imaged exoplanets

Young giant exoplanets that we can take pictures of.

Image credit: NASA/SDO (Sun), MPS/René Heller

exoplanets that transit

Adult exoplanets that pass in front of their host star, hiding its stellar light.

Image Credit: Simonluca Definis

Exoplanets via gravitational wave astronomy

Old giant exoplanets that orbit double white dwarf stars.


With many more space- and ground-based Observatories the future of exoplanets is bright ! These "eyes-on-the-sky" will help us to know to pin down the true nature of planets outside the Solar System and to shed light on the formation and evolution of such exotic celestial objects !

Image credit: ESA



Istituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia

Glorieta de la Astronomia, S/N

18008, Granada,


email: cdanielski AT